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Tuesday, January 14, 2020
The demand for newly-turned yearlings was solid during Monday's session, and the head of the charge came from a pair of colts consigned by Denali Stud...
Thursday, December 5, 2019
As the 2019 year comes to a close...
Thursday, November 7, 2019
Denali Stud landed 5th on the Leading Consignor’s list out of 36 total consignors for book 1, session 1 of the Keeneland November Breeding Stock Sale...
The Sun Shines Bright on Denali’s Kentucky Home
Monday, August 27, 2018

By: Alexis Kolasa 

 The finished project

Denali Stud is proud to have made a major investment in solar energy at our farms. This project began about five years ago with the goal of lowering our electric energy usage to a minimum scale, all while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. As a result, we have now installed solar panels on any building that electric consumption warranted it including barns, the maintenance shop, and most recently our office. In addition we are really excited to be converting a barn on our new acreage to be totally off the grid! The panels are constructed to each building’s specific needs and energy parameters. Our property is nearly 80% run on solar power efficiently to date.

The peak of construction

One of the many benefits of installing solar panels is the forecasting and controlling of costs for ourselves and our clients. The electric bill won’t fluctuate or inflate based on heightened daily or seasonal usage, in turn keeping prices predictable regardless of power demand. 

They also reduce greenhouse gasses in the environment because unlike regular electricity, they are completely emission free. Most utilities are reliant on fossil fuels such as coal to produce energy, so the utility plant emits less carbon into the surrounding atmosphere to meet power demand if solar panels are involved. When installed, the building will still remain connected to the electricity grid, but usage decreases significantly. If the system generates more energy than needed, a credit is received but if more energy is needed, the building can still draw from the grid or stored battery power as well. Panels can be integrated into the current electrical system easily with no need for extensive modifications.

  Solar panel installation begins on the Denali office